Integration and access to the community means that you have opportunities to: find competitive employment working alongside people without disabilities, participate in local activities, control your own budget to the best of your ability, and access services in the community just like people without disabilities.

Choice means that you can select the services and supports that you need, as well as who provides them and where you receive them. You should have options to live and receive services in places that are for people with or without disabilities.

​Individual rights include privacy, dignity and respect, and freedom from coercion and restraint.

Independence means that you are in charge of making decisions about your life and what you want to do. These decisions include, but are not limited to, yoour daily activities, your surroundings, and the people you interact with.

​Safety and well-being means that like all people, sometimes you need the advice, support, and experience of those who care for you to help guide you in making decisions that will not cause you undue harm or danger.

​​​Patterson Training Center

​​What We Believe

The C. S. Patterson Training Center was organized in February of 1972 by Dr. C. S. Patterson and a dedicated group of volunteers.  The Agency began by providing services to five (5) children. Soon after, the Agency began providing services to adults in Gibson County (Patterson Training Center), Dyer County (Developmental Skills Center), and Crockett County (Crockett County Skills Center). The Agency currently offers services for children from birth to age 3 with early intervention programs and multiple services for adults.

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