C.S Patterson Training Center is an Early Intervention Resource Agency that provides educational and developmental services for children 0-3 years of age with a developmental delay.

​Our two (2) main objectives are:

  • To provide developmentally delayed children the opportunity to realize their potential at the earliest age possible.
  • ​To provide a program that will enhance the child's ability to reach developmental milestones within the framework of the family and in the child's natural environment.

​Specific Services Provided:

  • ​Early Intervention education model to include parent involvement in home-based and/or community-based settings.
  • Early Intervention model to include caregiver involvement in a community setting such as daycare or babysitter site.
  • Curriculum based programming.
  • Transition support for on-going services after the child's 3rd birthday.

The program is funded under a contract with the Tennessee Department of Education and referrals are required to be made to the Tennessee Early Intervention System at 1-800-852-7157.

Early Intervention

​​​Patterson Training Center